Spring Lucene Reference Guide


Thierry Templier (Argia-Engineering)


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I. Introduction
1. Lucene
1.1. Lucene technology
1.2. Related tools
1.2.1. Lucene Java
1.2.2. Solrj
1.2.3. Tika
2. Other tools available
2.1. Compass
2.2. Hibernate Search
3. Aim of the support
3.1. Architecture and structure
3.2. Abstraction layer upon Lucene
3.3. Easy configuration
3.4. Template-driven approach
3.5. Document handler
4. History of the support
II. Lucene Support Reference Documentation
5. Lucene indexing support
5.1. Configure indices
5.2. Root entities
5.3. Index root entities
5.3.1. Simple indexing based on Lucene entities
5.3.2. Indexing using the abstraction methods of the template
5.3.3. Analyzer specification
5.3.4. Other indexing operations
5.3.5. Use of the underlying resource
5.4. DAO support class
5.5. Resource management and transactions
6. Lucene search support
6.1. Root entities
6.2. Search root entities
6.2.1. Simple searches based on a query string
6.2.2. Build of queries programmatically
6.2.3. Use of the underlying resource
6.2.4. Extract results of searches
6.3. DAO support class
6.4. Advanced searches
6.4.1. Support of queries
6.4.2. Filter and sort
6.4.3. Pagination
6.5. Object approach
7. Configuration
7.1. Lucene
7.1.1. Resource configuration
7.1.2. Analyzer configuration